How to Start a Chapter

Who are the Crusarers for Life?

As the Crusaders for Life we work to educate ourselves on the issue of abortion so that we are better prepared to advance the pro-life cause in our schools, workplaces, and families. By fully understanding what abortion does to the unborn and their mothers and fathers, we are less likely to become numb to the fact that it happens every day by the thousands. With this understanding we try to spread the truth everywhere we go by participating in rallies, marches, protests, and prayer vigils. Through joy and prayer we hope to re-establish the belief that there is beauty and sacredness in every life, born and unborn, and that each life needs to be cherished and protected.


Yellow is Our Color

From the beginning, the Crusaders have always carried the color yellow. It represents the yellow seen on the Papal Flag but also represents joy. Showing people that life is beautiful comes from the beauty, the joy, and the warmth from within. Wearing the color yellow allows people to see the brightness and truth of our cause. 


The Crusaders for Life Logo

All chapters are expected to use our logo. 



The Crusaders for Life is a pro-life group made up of youth ages 13-26.

Each chapter should have an administration with an election to select leaders. The different positions of the administration are as follows: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Social Media. The group should also be supervised by a responsible adult.

What do the Crusaders for Life do?

  • Monthly meetings: A meeting should be held every month with the goal to educate ourselves in the matter of abortion and other life issues. Speakers are welcome to talk to the group but the meeting can take any form you would like: movie, game night, debate, etc. Since prayer is at the center of our group, a Rosary or a Divine Mercy Chaplet should be said at each meeting. We also want to encourage people to get to know each other, so plan on having a time for people to socialize. 

  • Praying at the Abortion Clinic: Praying at the clinic is important because it is where we are met with the victims of abortion and where our prayers are needed most. Members of the Crusaders for Life should be encouraged to pray at the clinic regularly where one is nearby, but should make it out at least once a month. If there isn't a local clinic for the group to pray at, volunteering at a pregnancy center is also an option.

  • Other Pro-Life Activities: Supporting pregnancy centers doing drives for baby clothes, fundraisers for specific needs or general support. Attending or hosting pro-life conferences.

  • Cheers, Singing, etc. When attending rallies, marches, and conferences, the Crusaders want to spread the truth and beauty of life through our pro-life cheers and songs. Our cheers can be found on our website, and new cheers are also welcomed. (Adding a drum-line to your group is optional.)

  • Facebook Page: Each chapter should create a Facebook page in order to communicate with its members and other chapters. 


The Sacrifice of the Mass is at the center of the Crusaders for Life

Everything we do as Crusaders comes from the Mass. All the joy and enthusiasm has to have prayer as it’s root, otherwise it will be hollow and unsustainable. To fight the culture of death we need to be connected to the source of life. 


Everything that we do as Crusaders returns to the Mass. All our efforts are made fruitful when we offer them to God in the Mass. If we turn our successes to our own glory, we take what is not ours. 



 The Crusaders for Life must make the Mass the center of their activities in


  • Petition - Ask God to build a culture of life and end the culture of death.

  • Adoration - Adore God who is the center of all Life.

  • Thanksgiving- Thank God for life, the lives of others and our own.

  • Reparation - Make reparation for all the sins against God and against Life by uniting our efforts to Christ.

Starting Your Own Chapter

We know and fully support that each chapter is going to be different based on strengths, abilities, numbers, etc. We are united under our logo, a centered liturgy, our pro-life mission, and as a witness at the clinics.  


Steps to starting your own Chapter: 

  1. Contact us asking for permission.

  2. Set up a Facebook page (and possibly other social media sites).

  3. Set up monthly meetings.

  4. Set a location for your group to pray at the clinic. If there isn't a clinic around, look into volunteer opportunities at a pregnancy center.

  5. Find ways to get involved: look for both local and national ways to get involved in the Pro-life movement (marches, rallies, conferences, prayer vigils, etc.). 

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